Terms and Condition for Award Point, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership levels:

Above membership levels for registered members of Lakho Social Network for all, are under certain terms and conditions, all registered users are agreed by default with these, to continue use lakho social network for all.

Following are the details of these terms and conditions:

  1. The schemes Award points, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership at lakho social network for all is **Promotional campaign**, therefore it have no certain limits and liabilities, except as defined herein.

2. The rate of each point is 0.02 PKR for payout,

3. Start date of new promotional schemes is 11/08/2020, however there is none of member is with status of Bronze, Silver or Gold medals, all are in general.

4. Benefits of each levels are defined in page https://www.lakho.com/membership-point-award-system/

5. There will be two payouts per year. First Payout of your earned points will be between 1st and 15 January 2021.

6. Second Payout will be between 1st July and 15th July 2021 and so on.

7. The rate as mentioned above in term # 2, will be 1 point equals to 2 paisa (means 0.02 Pak rupees)

8. Following are terms for payouts:

A. The About section of member’s profile must be 80% complete, if the score of profile is below 80%:

      1. The member will not be paid the payouts against their earned points, and
      2. Upon the completion of each month their points will be zeroed, and
      3. They can apply for upgrade


B. At each payout, if the user’s points are more than 500,000 then they will be paid 70~ 80% of the value:

      1. Then there remaining 20~30% points will be carried over,
      2. Paid points will be deducted,


C. At the time of each payout, the points paid will be zeroed, the scoring will restart.

D. If, any member want to reach second level then:

      1. He/she keep collecting points, and bypass each payout until he/she reach the level of next upgrade, or
      2. He/she buy points from lakho.com to achieve upgrade, upgrade points are mentioned in each level on this page: https://www.lakho.com/membership-point-award-system/

9. Whenever one reaches upgrade level, member will be award a subsequent rank and medal, which he/she can see on this pages https://www.lakho.com/my-badges/ and https://www.lakho.com/my-ranks/

10. One user one account policy:

    1. We encourage users to have one account only, however,
    2. If any user maintains more than one accounts for his/her interest, do it, but
    3. He/she will be paid for only of the accounts

11. We lakho social network for all sharing of quality posts, if anyone shares small photos, single line posts, low quality avatars and low quality cover photos, will be penalized, which will be deduction of 1000 points or more.

12. Avoid sharing bad thing, bad words, and nudity, in case of sharing nudity the accounts will be banned, and there balance will not be paid.

13. This Promotional scheme can be terminate at any time,

14. Packages, Award points, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership at lakho social network for all, is promotional to attract the visitors and members, therefore:

    1. Any registered member or visitor cannot claim for payments against earned points in any scheme above, and
    2. Any registered member or visitor cannot claim any kind of profit against earned points,
    3. However, lakho.com are committed to make payments against earned points as defined in all levels with rate of 0.02 but they are not liable to pay,

15. Packages, Award points, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership at lakho social network for all, is promotional to attract the visitors and members, lakho.com can stop this promotional anytime without notice.

16. The postal, money transfer expenses will be responsibility of the user, lakho social network for all will not be liable

17. Lakho social network for all will not be liable for any loss of money transferred as per given information from the user

18. We encourage users for referring other to website, using their referral link, but if it was found that the referral remained inactive then 1000 point will be deducted from the users as a penalty,

Important Note: Members who will be eligible for cash payouts who remains active all the times during the six months. In-active members or seasonal visitors will not be paid.