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LakhoSoft is a Web Designing and Development, Graphic Designing and Presentations, Search Engine Optimization, and Data Management Company. Quality Web Design, Development, Data Management, Graphics Design and Search Engine Optimization Services are offered by Lakhosoft to our overseas clients. LakhoSoft has built a reputation for doing solid, disciplined and quality work that is delivered on time, and on Cost Effective manners. Lakhosoft helps firms capture the full Cost Savings promised by Offshore Outsourcing, and delivers enterprise-class results.

LakhoSoft are, Web design and development, Graphic design, Search Engine Optimization and an Online Web Services Company. We are architectures of Website Design and Development, Graphic Design and Presentations, Search Engine Optimization. Web design and Development Company LakhoSoft started offering above services initially in mid of 2006, and since then we are committed to provide cost effective high quality websites and web based solutions to our Customers essentially around the globe. We invite you to look around here, yourself, that how fast the Information Technology in the World has Developed. We at LakhoSoft are a Group of Creative People to Develop Solutions for your Business needs. Our aim is to present you to the World and make you and your Services Accessible Worldwide.

Arsheen Noor Lakho, CEO and Co-Founder of LakhoSoft
Miss Arsheen Noor, graduated this year from Isra University Hyderabad, in BSCS. She is energetic, realistic, mature and hardworking and eager to move forward to achieve her goals keeping the basic civilised human ethics. During her study, she made up mind that she will start her own business, will be her own boss, therefore, she participated in many activities voluntarily and she is volunteer member of IEEE.

Nawaz Ali Lakho, Director Operations and Founder of LakhoSoft
Mr. Nawaz Ali Lakho has huge experience in web site building, deployments, search engine optimization, online marketing and administration & Data Mining. He started providing off shore services as a freelancer, in mid of 2005, worldwide especially in real state market of North America. In mid of 2007 his freelancer services in Data Mining and Administration he was ranked 12th and in website building he was ranked 40th.

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