Android APP for Lakho Network

Dear All, Following is procedure to install quick little app for your mobiles:

There are two procedures:

  1. IF your mobile supports, when you open page, you will see a message at the bottom of mobile Screen: Add LakhoNetwork to Home Screen“. If you see this click on that text and you will see a message, window then click on the ADD button, done. Close all apps and go to screen you will see the icon of Lakho’s there.

Procedure 2:

  1. Close all apps and internet screen,
  2. open internet browser, and type
  3. When this page is opened, at the top right of the screen click three vertical dots, as shown in following screenshot:

4. You will see long menu like this and take action as shown in the following screen shot:

5. After clicking Add to Home Screen, you will see following screen, you have to wait it will appear in few seconds depend upon the speed of the internet. Click on ADD as shown:

6. After click on ADD, this window will disappear and close all apps again and go to home screen of your mobile you will see little icon of Lakhonetwork: use it in future:

When you are off line, click this APP icon and it will ask you for Download message, Say yes to it, then in future the pages you visit will be available on your mobile with this app.

I hope it will improve use of Lakho Network on mobiles.